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If you want the Linden Method by Charles Linden or Panic Away by Joe Barry for free

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If you want the Linden Method by Charles Linden or Panic Away by Joe Barry for free you could try the free alternatives available.

The Linden Method and Panick Away products are promoted intensely on websites and forums. These methods to treat (I do not like the word "cure") anxiety, phobias and panic attacks may work for some people, but are expensive. I see many people try to get a copy without paying the high price, desperated because they think The Linden Method or Panick Away are the last thing to try to relieve their suffering To these people I suggest they get already available free audio products that can have a similar effect.

The The Linden Method and Panic Away products explained.

I will explain in more detail later or maybe I will edit this post. What you need to know is that The Linden Method and Panick Away or maybe other system are based in some common premises:

  • an explanation of your condition and a cause for it in a PDF file or audio. The problem for the Linden Method is the amigdala
  • the suggestion that theirs is the best method and stop looking for more information
  • convince yourself that nothing bad or terrible will happen to you if you feel anxiety or a panic attack, you will not die or have a physical consequence
  • a relaxation method
  • a distraction technique (One move techique in Panick Away)

Where can you download The Linden Method and Panic Away products for free?

Why would you want to infringe copyright if there are alternatives?

You can download a free MP3 audio format Progressive Relaxation Exercise here:


Also free to download Learning to Relax the Mind & Body audio MP3 here:


En Español. En esta página se pueden bajar gratis archivos de audio en MP3 para relajación:


Or you can search the web for more.

For more information:



Why do I write this?

Because I got tired of spam promoting expensive products and to offer a free alternative that although not the same product, can be of help.

The worst spam comes from people promoting Panic Away. Lots of websites with the same info and forum posts that are hidden advertisements.

What is the best thing to do to cure anxiety and panic attacks?

Look for the help of a psychologist or a doctor. if you are on medication do not stop it without your doctor supervision. Also, be careful with the word "cure". People who use it (like "the secret cure for anxiety", "the real cure for panic attacks", etc.) most probably are giving false expectations.

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